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Time barriers should be changed

If MOOCs are advertised to reach the "working population", then why do we want to have the classes scrunched into tiny time packages? Miss a week and you are now a drop-out because you can't catch up. What's wrong with setting an expectation of about 3 hours a week? That's do-able on my schedule but I can't keep up with 15-18 hours a week. Sure it will take a long time to complete a standard college course - but is it learning or time that is most important?


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    There are a couple of schools (I think University of Phoenix may be one of them) where they start classes every week or two. They still use time based completion (because that's how the feds force us to measure things for financial aid), but it might not be a stretch to have one class that just opens and let's people work at their own pace.

    The one challenge I see with that is having any kind of cohesive peer/cohort learning (and peer instruction is suppose to be the great breakthrough for MOOCs). If 1000 people start a class and all of them proceed at a different pace you either never have a cohort of peers with which to share the learning experience or you are constantly shifting peer groups based on where you are. In the former case, all you're really getting is knowledge transfer. In the latter, some students (mostly the extroverts) will be able to reform new groups on a weekly basis. Others may struggle because they want to get comfortable with one cohort.

    It may be that we can mix the two by focusing local attention on groups of "our" students (meaning an institutions students) to provide them the stable cohort even while the flowing storm of other, more ephemeral, groups happens all around them.

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