I agree to Idea Pedagogy leads with tech and "instructional design" following. I disagree to Idea Pedagogy leads with tech and "instructional design" following.



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Pedagogy leads with tech and "instructional design" following.

Too many organizations are handing over pedagogical decisions to the IT departments and to some lower level teams of instructional designer whose only experience is in designing training. Pedagogy involves an interaction between persons that is content-rich, flexible in presentation and demonstration of learnin, and engaging.


Submitted by Anne-Marie Armstrong 1 year ago

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    I'm agreeing here with the concept, although not the specific categorization that "too many organizations" are exhibiting the negative behavior you've described.

    I mostly agree that pedagogy should come first. Mostly only because I think sometimes good faculty or instructional designers can see a new technology and figure out a new way to teach something. So the design part still follows the pedagogy, but sometimes the technology can spark the pedagogical conversation.

    I would argue if the "instructional designers" only understanding and experience is in designing training, then they aren't instructional designers at all, they are training designers. Educational experiences are most definitely different than training experiences and require a different kind of expertise.

    1 year ago

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