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Openness will play a critical role in the future of higher ed

Open systems and content will have a critical role in the future of higher ed


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  1. While openness should play a critical role in higher education, several issues will keep it from serving as the resource it should. Until these fundamental/structural issues are addressed and resolved, openness will continue to be used by campuses, administrators, etc. as simply feel-good language to promote a perception within the institution of transparency, collaboration and community.

    Two roadblocks for openness are, ambiguity of the term itself and the conflict in roles (i.e. "leadership"). The attributes of, and application for, openness differs tremendously and it is fundamentally impossible to apply any standard with such an ambiguous and over-used word. Openness also questions the role of leadership, management, direction challenging many of the values institutions cite as "best practices."

    So while "openness" will continue to be invoked throughout higher education and the initiatives we invest in, I find (and foresee) little authenticity in either its use as a concept or application ans a means for governance, management, decision-making, development, administration, community, etc.

    1 year ago
    1. Catherine Idea Submitter


      Where are there other industries or examples of "true" open communities and collaborations? Personally, I see a lot more examples of open, self-organizing, governing, persistent and collaborative communities in the hobbyist realm, and not as much professionally.

      I also wonder if openness discussions would be more fruitful if broken down into more component parts, such as OSS, Open Content, etc. Is that a way to get discussion out of the clouds?

      1 year ago
  2. Moderator

    If openness is really going to play a role, then it has to be all in. Right now publication is essentially closed (a few open access journals are making headway). Most institutions have some kind of selection criteria, so that is essentially closed as well. Faculty claim copyright and ownership of course content, so once again, that's closed.

    Now that I'm thinking, what about higher education is actually open right now?

    1 year ago

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