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MOOCs for prof dev and training will become pervasive by 2017

MOOCs for PD, training and personal enrichment will be pervasive by 2017.


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  1. I was wondering why not 2015?

    1 year ago
  2. I agree, the MOOC learning environment is great and conducive for large scale, cascading prof development and training. However, I wouldn't say that the pervasiveness of MOOCs as PD and training would necessarily be a good thing.

    One potential is that there will be an influx of subpar courses diluting the pool of course content... strong information literacy skills will be needed to separate good courses from crap.

    Which leads to another potential which is the creation of companies to do all that information literacy thinking for you and showcase what they think are the best courses...

    These PD MOOC 'companies' wouldn't necessarily create MOOCs per say, but aggregate them into some sort of PD curriculum and monetize it through ads, low cost certs, tutoring, data marketing, etc.

    Not to sound all negative on the rapid growth of MOOCs as a learning environment for PD/training, it makes perfect sense that this would be one path MOOCs would travel down. I do feel there is great potential for education institutions to create and leverage MOOCs as PD and training... and great responsibility on admins to know where their content is living, where it's being marketed, and to not to be quick to sign away rights to content.

    Exciting times!

    1 year ago
  3. Moderator

    I suspect it will become pervasive, but as with Tom, I can't decide if that will be a good thing. There is some basic training that is mostly just knowledge transfer, but so much of the upper level training either requires access to lab equipment (networking or server admin) or a good cohort for conversation (management and leadership training) that i think it would be hard to replicate that in a MOOC environment. It certainly might be possible to use cloud infrastructure and virtual labs for some of the technical training. You could also break your MOOC into small cohorts for management/leadership training. In the latter case I don't think you really have something that scales anymore (if you have mentors for each small cohort), and I still find some face-to-face interaction more valuable for management/leadership training than what MOOCs have to offer right now.

    1 year ago
  4. The only barrier I see, is that even though it seems a lot of MOOC students approach them as PD, the offerings themselves (particularly the ones from traditional universities, offered on Coursera, EdX, etc.) are NOT targeted at lifelong learners - they are rather regular university courses offered as MOOCs. So will the universities and professors be willing to modify their offerings to address lifelong learners? Sounds like an even bigger investment for an even lower reward than current MOOCs

    1 year ago
  5. Pervasive, for me, is too strong. Easily available, likely.

    1 year ago

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