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Government(s) should reward usage of OER and MOOCs

Governments should reward nationwide/global creation and usage of Open Educational Resources and MOOCs. They should do this with grants, rewards for 'working together' and vouchers to try out new technology in the Array of Connection (like Elliott Masie called it yesterday).

Government (at least in the Netherlands) is spending budget on schools and Universities. Most of them are building content themselves on the same topics. Government should stimulate working together on an OER and MOOC scale, perhaps even nationwide (easier in a small country as the Netherlands than in the USA but nevertheless). This will inspire, give power to the teachers (time/money/energy) and to the entire learning community (as in the work environment)...


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    I'd be happy if the US government would simply mandate that all federally funded research be published immediately (i.e. no embargo) in open access journals. The publishing lobby here has managed to fight off attempts to do just that, so if you want access to results from research you helped fund, you have to pay to get it. At my last job I oversaw the library, and I was shocked how much publishers charged for journals, and even more shocked that they consistently raised subscriptions 15% or more every year because they know they have a monopoly on the distribution of that information.

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