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Educause (and a-like's) should create Certification Consortium

Organisations like Educause worldwide or just in USA (or SURF for the Netherlands) where Universities are represented in, should create a Certification Consortium.

This should be one team (or one team per workfield) of professors/teachers (assembled from all Universities around the world) that create, evaluate and guarantee the value of certifications obtained by following MOOCs.

In this way a 'one MOOC certification system' can be build and enrolled in the several systems that Universities are using worldwide.


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  1. This is a great idea, though I'm not fully ready to agree with this.

    From a course design point of view though, I would fully expect to see organizations like Quality Matters and Sloan Consortium to begin (or continue) developing course design rubrics and review processes to formally recognize the design quality of a course.

    1 year ago
  2. Where do accrediting bodies (like WASC, Middle States, etc) fit in? Wouldn't they prefer to keep such a certification "in-house"?

    1 year ago
  3. Moderator

    I agree with the anonymous commenter about. We already have organizations doing degree and program accreditation. It seems like it would be better to have those groups extend "down" into the certifications rather than creating a separate structure to accredit certifications. And if the existing agencies do that, then it might be easier for a certification to "grow up" and become a degree later with less hassle.

    1 year ago

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