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Big players like: Google, Microsoft, Disney will have to step up

Financial power in education is insufficient to convince the majority of the teachers/management to 'be open', to 'connect' and te 'recreate' en 'reconnect' to content of peers combined worldwide.

The idealists, the dreamers, the ones that already are open are going to follow the worldwide movement of the Connecting Age and thus MOOCs. The majority will stay stuck in the everyday circumstances of few hours and less budget to execute an increasing level of work (both quantity and quality).

So the big players like Google, Microsoft or even Disney will have to step up in this Open Learning world. When they do, there isn't a choice left to follow. You just have that road to go and then the world will be connected (and a better world... imho)


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    The corporate entities you've mentioned have not one lick of understanding of the education market, and their primary business is something else. They not only *can't* lead a change, they aren't interested.

    That said, what you're outlining is basically the innovator's dilemma (as posited by Clayton Christensen in the book of the same name). Christensen forwards the idea that, in most cases, innovation in an industry has to come from outside the leading players, as they are too entrenched in the status quo and can't think of new ways to do things. The one exception noted is the case where an incumbent business sets up a totally separate business unit whose job it is to make all the other business units obsolete.

    So the question is, which educational institutions can afford to sink money into a totally separate business unit to disrupt everything, or who is willing to start a brand new institution and break the mold? And could either of those get accreditation in a world where the incumbents decide who gets to enter the market?

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