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Analytics on student collaboration

Student engagement might be predicated on three core factors: subject, faculty, and peers. MOOCs do not ostensibly change the first two factors, but they certainly modify the third. While traditional outcomes such as testing are valid analytical instruments, peer collaboration is a key barometer in gauging the usefulness of MOOCs. Thus, in terms of pedagogy: an interactive, group based approach is sensible. In terms of data collection, it is important to capture instruction between peers. For example, are the highest performing students interacting with low performing students? To what degree are students receiving individualized communication and outreach from others? What sorts of peer expectations develop among the cohort based on interaction? Etc.


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    Participation at it's most basic has always been a good indicator of success in a class, and many faculty reserve some portion of the grade for rewarding class participation. Online courses certainly provide the ability to better measure that metric.

    1 year ago
  2. My experience in teaching online courses suggests that creating collaborative experiences is a major challenge. I've just not found any assignment that works well. Collaborative work seems to go against the grain with the students. They typically take my online course because they don't have time to schedule any kind of meeting (my course is largely self-paced within a deadline framework). Group assignments introduce scheduling difficulties that they don't seem to be able to handle. I believe this is a major shortcoming in this type of learning.

    1 year ago
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    That has been the challenge many of our faculty have here as well. Because we're a small school and generally have small classes, many faculty already use face-to-face class time to do group work, and when they move to our online environment where things are asynchronous, their synchronous group work activities often don't translate well. I'm planning on having our instructional designer to some research into this and see what kind of options we can present to faculty in this conundrum.

    1 year ago
  4. Hoping to capture student engagement within groups on our Blackboard Learn LMS solution.

    Using a class as a case study to evaluate the reporting and new "Rentention Centre" feature of BB.

    11 months ago

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