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A MOOC for education management should be made

A global MOOC on ... for education management should be made. Leadership will be convinced of MOOCs if they have 'contributed' on one themselves.

Anyone good ideas of topics or even some existing ones?


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    While I like the idea, it's not clear to me exactly what would encompass a global educational management offering. Educational management is very dependent on local and national rules and regulations, and if we boil off all those differences there might not be much left. I'm also not convinced that having institutional leadership contribute would create more buy-in. Contributing would likely be a voluntary activity, so those who already like the idea would be more likely to contribute.

    1 year ago
  2. I like the idea of involving campus leaders in a MOOC on educational management. I see them more as students in a graduate level seminar course. I find that I'm spending time trying to help them think through the issues, particularly around governance.

    1 year ago

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